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What to expect

1. Free Initial Phone Consultation

(15 minutes)

I will talk to you/your parent over the phone to get an idea of what you would like help with. If appropriate, we can arrange an initial appointment. 

2. Assessment Appointment

(60-90 minutes)

At this assessment appointment I will meet with you/your child to get more in-depth information. I will seek to understand more about the difficulties, where they came from and what might be keeping them going. We will also talk about your hopes/goals and I will discuss a suitable treatment intervention with you and explain what you can expect in therapy.

3. Regular Sessions

(50 minutes)

In these sessions we will work together therapeutically to make progress towards your goals. The number of sessions varies according to each person and their presentation. I normally suggest that we meet for a block of 4 sessions at a time. We will review the progress towards your goals at regular intervals (usually every 4 sessions).

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